Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where Sport meets Business

A sporting stage is never ignored. It brings together fans, divides them and in extremely extreme situations is also the reason for nations to go to war with each other.

Present day sport is an intensely competitive profession and performances on the pitch alone are no longer the only yardstick of a sporting entity's success. Professional sport is now an industry by its own right. The business of sports is a subject of discussion that is usually restricted to boardrooms and the corridors of power. All that is left for the regular fan to see is the blood and sweat that players leave on the pitch.

As a business student, I aim to unlock and unfold the different business dimensions in sports. In this pursuit, I will also try to remain as objective as possible and keep my Manchester United loyalties aside.

Some of the subjects I will be looking to explore include decisions taken by sports teams to go public, branding and image rights of teams and players, the use of data analytics in sports, increasing clout of sports agents and transfer markets of players.

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